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Slim ‘n Lift Silhouette Supreme gives you a sexy look immidately.

Original Price: Rs.3000/- Offer Price: Rs. 1390/-

Slim ‘n Lift Silhouette Supreme is a modern slimming and lifting undergarment that can give you a sexy, curvy hour glass figure immidately. The top secret is in the limited engineering that combine form and function to sculpt, shape, firm and slenderize. And it does all of this in astonishing comfort. Slim ‘n Lift Silhouette Supreme supports from underneath the bust line to just above the knee line ensuring all of your difficulty areas are targeted. Slim ‘n Lift Silhouette Supreme makes you look inches smaller and pounds thinner instantaneously. It hides bulge, bumps and rolls creation you look tight and trim. It will help you fit into your favorite pair of jeans, elegant dress or tailored business suits comfortably. The Slim ‘n Lift Silhouette Supreme will give you a smooth, neat and trim look from below the bust line all the way to just over the knees You'll feel at ease and confident wearing it.

  • The Slim 'n Lift Supreme is shaped using the latest Charcoal Technology in order to make it a better product in many ways.
  • The Bamboo Charcoal Technology is a method in which granulated Bamboo Charcoal is further to raw polyester in the developed process to form a polyester yarn with embedded charcoal granules. This yarn is then used to make garments with the superior absorption qualities of charcoal allowing it to soak up odor and moisture.
  • The Slim 'n Lift Supreme has the capability to wick (draw) and scatter moisture pulling it away from the skin keeping you drier and more comfortable. This same quality also decreases the drying time of the garment.
  • The porous nature of the Bamboo acts as a net to trap odor-causing molecules where they can quickly decompose without releasing any odor.
  • The performance traits of the charcoal do not diminish with laundering because it is a part of the fabric not a coating that washes

Washing/drying instructions :

  • Please wash by hand or in the washing machine in cold water and mild detergent with like colors. Hang or lay flat to dry.
  • If washing by hand, place garment on a towel and ring out excess water before hanging or laying flat to dry.
  • Sizes Available : Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge, XXXLarge

Large slit for easy convenience !

No need to remove your Slim ‘n Lift Silhouette Supreme when using the restroom

Sizes Fit Low ( In Cm )
XS 65 – 82 cm
S 71 – 86 cm
M 78 – 92 cm
L 83 – 101 cm
XL 89 – 110 cm
XXL 103 – 124 cm
XXXL 148 – 158 cms



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