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Foot Massager / Pure Magic Spa

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The foot massager is an ideal personal care gadget for all homes. This foot bath massager can kill germs by ozone. The foot bath massager gives maximum comfort to your sore legs, reliving them of pain and soreness after a day's walking.


Automatic heating and temperature preservation:

The foot massager adopts energy-saving flowing water direct heating type ,which can effectively control and maintain the water temperature that human body feels comfortable. The device will automatically be maintained under constant temperature condition to make you fully enjoy the comfortable feeling the footbath massage device brings to you.

Foot Massager / Pure Magic Spa

Vibration Massage:

There are vibration electrical device and hundreds of particles. After turning on the device ,the high frequency vibration starts,which can stimulate the foot bottom ,promotes the blood circulation, accelerate the metabolism, enhance the sleeping quality, eliminates the fatigue, promote health and enhance the ability of anti- disease.

Air Bubble Impact Massage:

The air bubble trough of footbath massage can discharge a number of air bubble which impact all the parts of foot bottom. Promotes the blood circulation and achieve the function of massage and health care.

Ozone Function :

  • It can discharge ozone air bubbles dissolved in the water which can kill all the bacterium of your foot.
  • It can relax the tightness of your muscle, promotes the blood circulation and accelerate the metabolism.

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