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Three in One Slimming Belt

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3 in 1 Slimming Belt

The 3 in 1 Slimming belt is based on three concepts like Sauna,magnetic & vibration.

The sauna concept is to heat the body several degrees. The body attempts to reduce its temperature by driving blood to the surface and by sweating. Repeated heating increases the amount and the efficiency of sweating. Saunas improve circulation and relieve internal congestion. Heating the body helps destroy bacteria, viruses and tumors. Sweating promotes elimination of toxic chemicals, heavy metals, radiation and other toxins. The skin’s ability to eliminate poisons increases. Saunas offer many of the benefits of exercise while requiring much less exertion.

Benefits of Magnetic Therapy are not local to any bodily organ. Their effect can be widely seen on the digestive, nervous, circulatory, and respiratory and all other systems of the body.It helps to ease out the troubles of bowels and is a perfect treatment for constipation as well.

The Vibrating sauna belt focuses the sauna heat on the most problematic body parts to help flush out and eliminate toxins. Adding vibration to sauna belt makes the vibrations to take out the micro fat cells from belly portion So burning almost the double amount of fat as compared to other sauna belts.

The Sauna Belt helps you to sweat away unwanted fat, eliminate cellulite, lose weight and ease muscle pain. All while in the comfort of your own home.

Safety And Precautions:

  • Do not use the Sauna Belt longer than 50 minutes. Remember to switch off the sauna belt after 50 minutes!
  • Put on the Sauna Belt a little loosely (Not too tight!), in such a way that you can check every 10 minutes if your skin is getting red. If your skin gets red, reduce the temperature to avoid possible skin injury.
  • If you have sensitive skin, we strongly advise you to use the Sauna Belt over a T-shirt due to its heat in order to refrain from skin irritations or burns.
  • It is important to use the Sauna Belt at room temperature and not to use air conditioning to try and increase its effectiveness. In this way, your body will not feel the effects of sudden changes in temperature.
  • Before placing the Sauna Belt on your skin, make sure you are in a comfortable position either lying down or standing up. However, do not use the Sauna Belt if you are lying on your stomach or sitting down, as this could cause problems in the devices electrical circuit.
  • Do not use any kind of skin cream or similar product while using the Sauna Belt as your skin pores will be fully open and skin cream could cause an allergic reaction.
  • Drinking hot drinks such as milk, tea or coffee while using the Sauna Belt is recommended. Do not drink cold drinks. Do not use the Sauna Belt immediately after meals; wait at least two hours after eating.

For best results, you should use the Sauna Belt for 50 minutes at a time. Do not exceed 50 minutes per session. It is recommended to use the sauna belt for 40 minutes. Do not use the Sauna Belt for periods of more than 45 days, wait a week before using it again.

Free Gifts with 3 In 1 Slimming belt:

The Butterfly Massager

The Butterfly massager comes with 10 intensity levels and 6 working mode options which include massage, acupuncture, slow stroke, scrapping, Free Sauna Belt India manipulation and cupping. Woven into the light blue 'wings' of the Butterfly are a network of small powerful electrical pads.

The Butterfly Massager is a TENS mini electrical stimulation massager that may help relieve pain, discomfort and fatigue. It exercises and strengthens the muscles as well as relieves musculoskeletal pain. It may be used in exercising inactive muscles as well as strengthening and toning healthy muscles. It streamlines the muscles, making them leaner and stronger..

Dr. Slim Tea

Dr. Slim Tea is an Ayurvedic Herbal Tea which help to cleanse the body of harmful fats and disease causing free radicals while promoting healthy weight loss. The Dr. Slim Tea Weight Loss System is the total weight loss program complete with 100% NATURAL & SAFE weight loss products that total Fitness formula. Feel young and energized again with a healthy weight loss solution that works.Dr.Slim Tea



After a meal 30minutes, put 1 or 2 tea bags into the cup. Steep the bag in about 200ml boiling water for 5-10 minutes, then drink it while it's hot.

Power saver Features :-

  • Saves Energy Efficiently
  • Instant Monetary Savings
  • Reduces Electricity Bills up to 40 %
  • Prolongs the Life Span of Appliances
  • Reduces Electrical Overheating
  • Improves Power Factor
  • Reduces wastage of electricity
  • Easy to use & maintenance free
  • Stabilizes electrical current
  • Provides surge protection
  • Environment friendly
  • Fully compliant with safety standards
  • 100 % Legal
  • No Installation - Just Plug & Play
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • 10 % to 40 % Electricity Saving

How To Install

  • Locate the circuit Breaker (consumer Unit) in your house
  • Find a 15 amp outlet which is the nearest to the Circuit Breaker (Consumer Unit)
  • Plug the electric saver into the 15 amp outlet and switch on the unit.

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