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Ervamatin Hair Oil

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Ervamatin Hair Oil Double Pack Ervamatin Hair Oil Single Bottle

Ervamatin is made from the rare herbs of Amazon rain forest. It does not make any side effect on your body or skin. Herbs present in Ervamartin make the root of dead hair strong and helps in producing new hair. Ervamatin power is a Capillary Lotion which has in its composition many phyto-therapeutic agents known by World experts that confirms its ingredients ingredients found only in AMAZON RAIN FOREST.

For hundreds of years men and women have been seeking a solution for hair regeneration. Frustration with personal appearance can cause psychological problems in individuals suffering from extensive hair loss. People who suffer from problems like baldness, dandruff, excessive sebum in scalp, greasy hair, alopecia, weak and fragile hair are the ones who need to use Ervamatin hair oil. Ervamatin is a natural product, created exclusively to promote hair revitalization. Men and women of all ages with all types of capillary problems can use this revolutionary product. All the ingredients used in this formulation are recognized by the CTFA (The Cosmetic Toiletry and Fragrance Association based in New York - USA). It is also recognized and accepted by WHO (World Health Organization).



1st and 2nd month: Restores the hair follicle degenerated, recovering the root of the hair, eliminating dandruff, and excessive sebun in the scalp and resulting consequently in the end of grease excess.

2nd and 3rd month: The hair loss ends.

3rd, 4th and 5th month: The growth of the hair starts again. The product must be applied to the scalp twice a day, gently massaging into the scalp for 30 seconds. You do not need to wash or to rinse. The benefits arise in different styles from organism to organism. In the beginning of the treatment it's normal that the weak hair falls, to then grow other new, strong and beautiful hair.

Efficacy proved by millions of men and women in hair treatment.


  • Use a neutrum or natural shampoo.
  • To keep the beauty of hair is necessary to have a healthy alimentation.



Q1. What is Ervamatin ?

Ans. Ervamatin is a100% ayurvedic product used for stopping Alopecia or baldness problem.

Q.2 How is it different from other products present in the market ?

Ans.It is made up of very rare herbs of Amazon forest. Effective liposomes are used in Ervamatin which is very famous for its absorption quality and helps to stop hair follicles very quickly.

Q.3 In how many days we can see the result ?

Ans. Ervamatin gradually gives you the result from the first month of using it.

Q.4 Is it also beneficial for thin hair problems ?

Ans. Yes, it is very effective & beneficial for thin hair problems.

Q.5 What is the procedure of using it ?

Ans.Just apply 4-5 drops of Ervamatin & massage it gently on the scalp for 2-3 minutes for better results. Its quantity also depends upon your requirement.

Q.6 For how many times we can use it ?

Ans. You should use it twice a day i.e. in the morning & at night for achieving better results.

Q.7 Is it only for men ?

Ans. No, both men and women can use it.

Q.8 In future does it show any type of side effects on hair ?

Ans. It is made up of 100% ayurvedic herbs, therefore there is no chance of side-effects.

Q.9 Is it effective for extremely oily hair ?

Ans. Yes, it is effective for extremely oily & all hair types. For better & quick results wash your hair with herbal shampoo & conditioner twice a week.

Q.10 What is the age limit for using this product ?

Ans. Persons of all age group can use this product.

Q.11 Are its results temporary ?

Ans. Its results are 100% permanent.

Q.12 Does it help in the problem of slow growing hair ?

Ans. Ervamatin is very effective in slow growing hair problems.

Q.13 Does it give shine to hair ?

Ans. It removes roughness, dryness & gives full nutrition to your hair thus it gives shine to your hair.

Q.14 Does it help to remove dandruff ?

Ans. It is a multipurpose product which also helps to cure dandruff problem.

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